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GENIVI currently produces two baselines when it releases. The release baselines are complete images designed to reflect a GENIVI compliant system. The baselines collect together GENIVI middleware with a Linux kernel and various open source projects and demonstrate that they can be integrated into a bootable image. In general, older releases of the baseline are not supported, therefore it is better to download and use a recent release. Recent releases also have fixes so should run a good deal better.


Table of GENIVI Releases
Release name Date of release
Intrepid Upcoming
Horizon Upcoming
Gemini October 2013
Foton April 2013
Excalibur October 2012
Discovery April 2012
Cassini October 2011
Borg Cube May 2011

Getting a baseline

GENIVI baseline builds are available for download.

Building a baseline

You can build a GENIVI baseline for your hardware using one of these tools;

Instructions for building a baseline